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Design and Prototyping

The tool room is a crucial aspect of the manufacturing process, and design capabilities play a pivotal role in creating innovative and efficient solutions.

DRV Plastics combination of its  in-house tool room, mould design and manufacturing expertise, prototyping services, CAD capabilities, and a collaborative design approach positions the company as a comprehensive solution provider.

Prototyping services, allowing for iterative design processes to refine and perfect product designs before full-scale production . These capabilities not only support efficient and high-quality production but also allow for the creation of customized and innovative products to meet the diverse needs of clients.

Our  in-house tool room provides several advantages, including control over the manufacturing process, quicker turnaround times, and efficient maintenance of moulds and tools.

DRV Plastics is known for its efficiency and precision in Injection moulding and blow moulding mass production, ensuring consistent quality across the line.


Injection Moulding

DRV Plastics boasts Injection Moulding machines ranging between 60T to 400T with a shot weight of 0.25g – 1.2kg.   Precision, high production rates, and the ability to create high volume injection moulded products.

Blow Moulding

DRV’s offering of PET blow moulding services with a capacity range of 100ml to 2L positions the company as a versatile and reliable partner for clients seeking cost-effective, efficient, and customized solutions for their packaging needs. This capability, combined with design services, offers a comprehensive package for businesses looking to create distinctive and branded blow moulded items.

In Mould labelling

DRV Plastics capabilities in IML services whereby Labels are placed into the mould before the plastic is injected, resulting in a finished product with the label integrated into the surface, enhancing aesthetics and durability, making the label become an integral part of the product.

Pad & Screen Printing:

Pad printing and screen printing, providing precise and detailed prints onto your product allowing for a versatile range of customization options for your products.

These processes can be adapted to work with various materials, providing options for different product specifications.

Mould Manufacture

Our manufacturing processes reflect a holistic approach to creating customized products, leveraging a combination of techniques to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. This diversity positions our company to offer a wide range of products tailored to our customers needs


DRV’s commitment to on-time delivery through its dedicated fleet not only ensures customer satisfaction but also supports operational efficiency, cost control and flexibility. These factors collectively contribute to DRV’s ability to provide a reliable and competitive service in the market.

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