In Mould Label Applications

DRV Plastics offers high quality In-mold labelling services.

In Mould labelling offers several advantages over traditional labeling methods, including:

  • Durability: Labels are protected within the plastic container, making them resistant to wear, tear, and moisture.
  • Aesthetics: The labels can feature high-quality graphics and vibrant colors, enhancing the visual appeal of the product.
  • Efficiency: The labeling and molding processes are combined into one step, reducing production time and costs.
  • Environmental Benefits: In-mold labeled containers are fully recyclable since the label becomes part of the container, eliminating the need for separate label removal processes.


In-mold labeling is commonly used in industries such as food and beverage packaging, personal care products, and household goods. It provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for creating attractive and durable packaging solutions.

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